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Does your Golf Cart Need a Face Lift?

Go Big or Start Small - here is how to do it all

By Abbie Randel - February 4, 2016

Whether you are a do-it-yourself kind of person or the do-it-for me kind, there are several ways to help your golf car go
from this:Cayanne Club Carto this:Red Lifted Club Car

Consider these options:
1. Freshen up your car with a new body color. Red can really make a bold statement while black can give a very sleek and modern look. Any color you choose will give you a brand new look and feel to your golf car.
2. Update your tires and wheels. You don't have to lift your car to get a set of fancy tires and wheels. You can go up to a 12" wheel on a low profile tire WITHOUT lifting your car in most cases. This is one of the simplest do-it-yourself projects!
3. If you don't have a rear seat - ADD one. Most rear seats are fold down seats which make them dual purpose. Some models even feature a built in cooler or storage space below!
4. A new top. Tops can crack over time. Really freshen up the look of your car with a new black top. Black hides scuffs and can really streamline the look of your car.,
5. Custom seat covers. You can purchase new custom seats or purchase the cover and do it yourself. Either way, this makes a huge impact.

Of course, there are virtually endless options for golf car upgrades and accessories. Our showroom here at Colorado Golf & Turf, Inc. can give you some great ideas, come check is out here. Also - follow us on Facebook,for more ideas as well as regular sales and promotions.

Whether you want to do it yourself or let us do it, we are here to help. ,We have golf carts starting at $2500 to get your project started!