Our Mission

To positively impact our community by developing lasting relationships, offering exceptional products, and providing first-class service.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. We are committed to honesty, trust, and transparency. We do the right thing — even when no one is watching.
People: Our purpose lies with people and relationships more than products and profit. Whether it’s our employees, our customers, or our community, improving people’s lives is our highest priority.
Service: It’s not enough to do the bare minimum. We give maximum effort, go the extra mile, and are focused on providing the best customer experience.
Excellence: We execute all tasks with discipline and intentionality, paying extraordinary attention to detail. We don’t meet quality standards – we set them.

Unmatched Selection & Service Since 1983

One of the best developments we’ve seen in the past few years is more and more people recognizing the wonderful role golf carts can play in neighborhoods and communities. Their open access, easy use, low maintenance, and even lower electric and gas costs make golf carts perfect for getting around, while staying more connected with those around you. And with the range of options and customizations possible, they’ve become a fun and functional way to express yourself.

Proud Club Car Heritage

As the preferred Club Car distributor in Colorado since 1983, we’ve been able to provide high-quality, well-built, and well-designed options to families, businesses, and golf courses in Denver, the Front Range, the Western Slope, Wyoming, and Nebraska for more than three decades.

Dedication is Our Cornerstone

Our success has been built on both the outstanding carts and equipment we sell, as well as the unmatched service we provide. This is evidenced in our certification as a Club Car Black & Gold Elite dealership. From our expertly trained technicians to our dedicated salespeople and everyone else at Colorado Golf & Turf, the cornerstone of our approach has always been to serve our customers in such a way that they could never imagine buying from anyone else.

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