There are many things you can do to take care of your golf car, such as getting recommended annual service check-ups. But in the summer, you are likely going to be using it more often, and when you are away traveling, it is important to know how to store it correctly. So, follow these precautions to maintain your golf car’s performance and longevity in the summer season! 


It is recommended not to leave your golf car unattended for long periods of time, especially when it’s not plugged in. If your golf car is unplugged and the lead acid battery is depleted, it will cause a buildup of lead sulfate crystals (aka sulfation). If you continue charging your cart during storage, it will prevent this from happening. It’s important to note that the summer heat will dry up the water in a flooded lead acid battery, so you will need to monitor the water level. Read about the importance of using distilled water for your deep cycle batteries. 

While checking on your battery, it’s recommended to clean it as well. Check for corrosion, dirt and grass. You can clean your battery with an even solution of baking soda and water if you see anything that needs to be cleaned off. 

While a lithium-ion battery does not contain water and is considered ‘maintenance free’, it is still important to ensure proper charging level. 

In general, it’s good practice to charge your golf cart after every use, whether you drove it for 10 minutes or 1 hour. 


Check your tire pressure monthly, especially if there are large drops in temperature. This will prevent uneven wear on your tires. 

If you use your golf car when the tires are low, it will wear them down quickly. On the other hand, if you use it when the tires are too full, the traction lessens. If it’s too hot outside, the tires could explode if overfilled as well. 

Body Maintenance 

Direct contact with the sun for long periods of time will eventually fade the color on your golf cart body. So, it’s important to protect the paint by washing and waxing it. You can continue to protect the paint by parking in shaded areas or in covered parking. 

Oil Leaks – Gas Vehicle 

If you see excess dirt and oil on the back of your golf car, especially after washing it, that may be a sign of an oil leak. 

We can fix your oil leak and most other issues if you give us a call at (303) 761-3332! 


If you are looking to give your car a facelift, there are many things you can add. Such as changing the paint color, upgrading the tires, adding new accessories, and much more! Check out the list of ideas here. 

We’re Here to Help 

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