Even if you’re not ready for it yet, the cold weather is upon us! That means it’s time to get your golf car ready to hibernate. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to winterize and store your lithium-ion battery golf cart. 

Battery maintenance is extremely important as it will help with the longevity and performance of your golf car. So don’t skip these steps we’ve listed below! 

If you have a lead acid battery, read this article with tips on how to maintain it using distilled water. 

Storage Location 

Your golf car should be stored in a cool, dry area under a covered shed, garage or shelter. It is very important to keep your golf car away from water exposure. If you live in a milder climate without much snow or rain, you can use a golf cart cover. 

Power Down 

  • Ensure that the key switch is in the “off” position. 
  • Power down any accessories, including lights, entertainment systems and any other electrical components. Doing this will conserve energy. 
  • Place the vehicle in neutral, this position ensures the vehicles transmission is disengaged 
  • Turn the power switch under the seat to the “TOW” option. 
  • Do not use the parking brake unless absolutely necessary. Excessive use may cause it to stick. 

Battery Storage 

Now it’s time to charge the battery pack! 

Storing a golf car with a lithium-ion battery is simple. The first thing to do is to charge the battery till it’s full, then unplug the charger from the golf car. A fully charged battery is less likely to suffer damage during the storage period. 


Now it’s time to clean your golf car. 

To clean the outside of the golf car, give the body a deep clean, get dirt and crumbs out of the seams in the seats, wipe down your cupholders, dash and the steering wheel, clean the dirt out of the tires and wheels, and wipe down anything else that you feel needs it. 

Your Golf Car is Ready for Winter 

Now that you’ve followed the steps to winterize your lithium-ion battery, your golf car is ready for winter! 

If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to golf car or battery maintenance, whether you should get an electric or gas golf cart, how to care for your golf car in the summer, customization options, and more, check out our blog. 

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We cannot guarantee the quality of the products you have used to clean or maintain your golf car, nor do we hold responsibility if something happens to your golf car before, during, or after winterizing it. These are tips that we have provided based on the references listed below. 


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Header image from Lorie Shaull