Storing and maintaining your golf car through the winter can be cumbersome and overwhelming. As the cold weather moves in, its possible that extra space in your garage may become more coveted. Colorado Golf & Turf would like to ease that burden for you. We can pick up and store your golf car here for the winter and return it in the spring, ready to roll. 

Here are the details:

  • $65 per month + pickup (based on location)
  • Free battery load test when it arrives
  • We charge and cycle batteries to prevent freezing
  • Free vehicle inspection
  • Free detail and return of vehicle

An annual service is recommended each year for your golf car, both gas and electric. Properly maintaining your golf car with this service can increase the life of your car and it’s components. Cleaning and servicing the batteries increases their life span, alignments help keep tires with adequate tread longer, and maintaining brakes helps ensure safety and proper running condition.

Our electric annual service includes: $225.00

Inspect front end
Inspect alignment & adjust
Inspect front suspension
Inspect body front and rear for any loose nuts and bolts, check canopy top and supports
Grease spindles if necessary
Inspect charging system for proper operation
Inspect all major electrical connections
Inspect battery condition – test batteries
Clean & service batteries, coat with corrosion preventative
Inspect battery cables
Inspect transaxle fluid condition and levels, – add if needed
Inspect rear transaxle for any leaks, noise
Service brake shoes, drums and adjust
Inspect brake pedal operation and adjust if necessary
Inspect reverse buzzer for proper operation
Inspect lights and connections
Inspect all accessories for proper operation


Call or email us today to schedule a pickup or service! 303-761-3332 or [email protected]