Doing the door to door candy crawl is a timeless tradition. Watching those sweet little creatures turn into sugar hungry, candy crazed monsters is always entertaining. Trick-or-treating in a golf car is gaining popularity quickly for the ease and entertainment it provides. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you enjoy this weekend.


  • Decorate your golf car. A well decorated golf car says a lot about you. Don’t let yourself be outdone.
  • Charge your batteries or fill your gas tank – no one has time to tow you in on Halloween. Don’t be that guy.
  • Keep your headlights on. No playing chicken.
  • Have extra candy storage available – a little healthy competition is good.


  • Forget to dress warm. C’mon, you are still outside and it’s still October.
  • Tote your kids from house to house – they have to work off that sugar high some how.
  • Lay on the horn – thats just annoying. Yes – it’s hilarious to watch people jump, but you might just get punched.

Check out our Pinterest page for great ideas on dressing up your golf car for Halloween:

In all seriousness – driving in a golf car on Halloween is a fun & efficient way to get around. But with so many kids running around that evening it’s important to always follow safety precautions. Keep your lights on so walkers and other drivers can see you, be vigilant about tiny trick or treaters darting into the street. Don’t overload the golf car and don’t drive carelessly and never drive impaired. 

Have a spectacular, spooky and safe Halloween weekend!