Gas vs electric, an ongoing conversation… There are pros and cons to owning a gas golf cart and an electric golf cart, so which do you choose? We’ll talk about the differences and similarities between them to help you decide which one fits your lifestyle better.

It’s first important to note that there are different types of electric batteries. They are-

Flooded lead-acid (FLA)- These are the most common battery types found in a golf car. These batteries contain a mixture of lead, acid and water. They require regular ‘watering’ and ongoing maintenance. Click here for how to maintain your lead-acid battery!

Lithium-ion- Maintenance free battery that is half the weight of a lead-acid battery which means it can go faster and carry more weight without feeling slow.


Both electric and gas cars drive at similar speeds, about 12-19 mph. Electric powered golf cars will lose some power and speed when the battery is almost fully discharged.

But a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) can travel at a maximum speed of 25 mph. Learn more about NEV’s here.

As for power, gasoline used to be the way to go but with the introduction of the high-performance motor, the torque of the electric vehicles is highly improved (especially if you buy a Club Car Urban or a GEM eL XD), gas is often still preferred for a ‘working’ vehicle.

When it comes to runtime, gas is the winner! Gas golf cars generally hold 5-6 gallons of gas, lasting about 150 miles. Electric golf cars have a wide range of run time (between 15-40 miles depending on the car) but require extra down time when recharging. To extend their lifespan, make sure they are fully charged before each use.

How They Ride

Electric cars are basically silent, have little bounce or vibration.

Gas cars are louder, vibrate, and can smell like exhaust.


Gas is often more expensive up-front than an electric golf car but does not require new batteries every 3-7 years.

Electric golf cars only need light maintenance. Generally an annual service and some basic cleaning. They will need new batteries every 4-7 years for FLA and 7-10 for Lithium, largely depending on the quality of the battery you buy in addition to how well you take care of it. Never let your batteries go completely dead and never let FLA batteries run low on water!

Gas golf cars require multiple maintenance service checks per year, as well as oil changes like a regular car. They may also require repairs and replacements as the cart ages.


Electric golf cars win in this category! They are zero-emissions, so they are better for the environment. Zero-emissions means that no greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere.

Gas golf cars produce carbon monoxide emissions, although newer models have lower emissions.


As you can see, both gas and electric golf cars are great for different reasons!

Gas is more powerful, runs longer on one tank of gas than electric does, and is similar in speed to electric golf cars. But they are not great for the environment, cost more, require more time and maintenance, are louder, have a bouncier ride, and smell like exhaust.

Electric is similar in speed to gas depending on the type of car you get, and don’t run on one charge very long compared to gas. But they are a much nicer ride, require less maintenance, and have zero emissions.

Hopefully this has helped you to decide which type of golf car is best for you when comparing gas vs electric!

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