Even though golf carts only travel at average speeds around 15 miles per hour, having good golf car tires on your cart at all times is essential. Not only on the golf course, but also around the neighborhood. Driving on poorly maintained tires with low tire tread poses a safety concern for the driver and passengers. Driving conditions vary at golf courses from gravel to wet grass, trees, sand and water. Proper tread, maintenance and inflation help to ensure you meet all those hazards safely and in control of your cart. When driving golf cars around private neighborhoods you wouldn’t want to be faced with a flat or blown tire with full size cars whizzing by or be miles from your home.

Maintaining proper tire pressure in your golf cars is as important as it is with your family car. If tire pressure is too low, your car will use more gas or electrical energy. Check your tire pressure monthly because dramatic fluctuations in temperatures, as we often see in Colorado, can cause tire pressure to fluctuate.

Tire pressure varies from electric to gas vehicles. Check your manual for vehicle specs.

  • Electric vehicles: 18-20psi (1.24 – 1.38 bars),
  • Gas vehicles: 12-14psi (0.83 – 0.96bars)

Maintain tire pressure within 1-2 psi of the manufacturer recommended pressure at all times.

Too little pressure will cause the tread of your tires to wear down prematurely and too much pressure can cause the tire to wear down internally and cause a much stiffer ride. Too much pressure will also lessen your traction on the surface and pose potentially dangerous outcomes if you are driving in slick conditions.

Hitting a pothole or curb can cause the front end to go out of alignment. Check your tires for uneven, wear patterns, it’s possible you need your front end straightened and aligned. It is very important to contact a reputable service and repair facility. At Colorado Golf & Turf, we can even come to you.

When tire tread is too low, you have bulges or noticeable cracks in the sidewalls,- it’s time to replace your golf cart tires.

Colorado Golf & Turf is committed to golf car safety. If you want to learn more safety tips and get expert advice on golf cars, utility vehicles and turf equipment, click here.