Maybe you have only seen golf carts at the golf course, but that’s not all they’re good for. They are versatile vehicles which are great for families, businesses, and more, especially because they are street-legal in many places. Here are the reasons you should consider a golf car over any other small, motorized vehicle. 


You can do so much more with a golf cart than drive around the golf course. They are great for cruising the neighborhood, taking your kids to school, running a quick errand, carrying equipment or other things, going on off-road adventures, and anything else your heart desires. 

There are different cars for different activities, so be sure to check out the options on our website


In comparison to other traditional vehicles on the market, golf cars are on the lower end cost-wise. The parts and maintenance are also very affordable compared to other vehicles. 

While buying a new golf cart is a great idea for many reasons, buying a used one is still a great option, and it is less expensive. 

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Like we said earlier, maintenance on a golf car is much cheaper than a traditional car, and it is much simpler. There are many things you can do to maintain the quality of your vehicle in addition to annual service appointments completed by your local golf car dealer. 

As one of the select few dealers across the country to be recognized as a Black & Gold Dealer by Club Car, we strive to make service convenient, affordable, and hassle free. This recognition is based on the high-level of our customer service and standards. We have more than 10 certified Club Car technicians, three full-time road technicians on the Front Range, and a technician on the Western Slope. If your golf cart or equipment needs additional service, we can arrange transportation to our facility. 

We provide resources to help you maintain your vehicle year-round. Such as why you should use distilled water and why good golf car tires are so important. Check out other blog posts here


Golf cars can be completely customized to fit you and your lifestyle. The body color, the seat style, the gadgets, accessories, wheels, decals, and so much more. 

Our technicians have a lot of experience creating custom cars and they love to do it. Check out some of the ones we’ve done here

See how to build your own Club Car vehicle today! 


With so many options available, it will be easy for you to find a golf car that fits your performance needs. From gas to electric, to lithium ion, high performance, and more, your golf car can do exactly what you need it to do. 

Talk with a specialist who can help you find a golf cart that fits your needs. 

Customer Service 

Working with a company who has great customer service is almost as important as the golf car itself. At Colorado Golf & Turf, we have expertly trained service technicians, a larger inventory of parts, and faster response times than any of our competitors. Our team even won the 2022 Club Car Service Distributor of the Year. While many companies require you to bring your cart to them, we can send our mobile service team to you or arrange transportation to our facility. 


Golf cars are extremely versatile and have many great benefits. While they cannot always replace your daily vehicle, they are the perfect second vehicle.

Have we convinced you to buy a new golf cart? If so, check out our inventory or stop by our showroom to get personal service from one of our Sales team members. We are proud to be Colorado’s preferred Club Car dealer for 40 years serving families, golf courses and businesses in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. 

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